10 Surprising Facts About Selenium

Selenium (Se) is a chemical element that is present in a variety of products. But what else do you know about them? Compared to Hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O), and Carbon (C), selenium is not always talked about even during class.

Today in our tech blog, we will understand more about selenium with these interesting facts:


  1. Selenium’s atomic number is 34. Its element symbol in the periodic table is Se.
  2. In 1817, Jöns Jakob Berzelius and Johan Gottlieb Gahn of Sweden were the first to discover selenium as an element.
  3. Its name was coined from the Greek word “selene”, meaning “moon”. Hence,

selenium is named after the Greek goddess of the moon.

  1. Being part of the nonmetal family of elements, selenium exhibits characteristic colors and structures depending on conditions it is exposed to.
  2. This substance exists in pure form, free in nature. However, it can be difficult finding traces of the element in the environment.
  3. Yes, you can eat selenium. Many organisms require selenium for nutrition. But when taken in large amounts, they can be toxic too.
  4. You can use its salts to manage dandruff. Selenium properties have been found to be anti-fungal.
  5. Did you know that brazil nuts contain rich amount of selenium? You can get your required daily dose of the element just by taking a single nut.
  6. This element can protect against mercury poisoning.
  7. Selenium has been used by many industries primarily for decolorizing glasses and creating the famous China Red pigment. Its other uses are in the applications of photocells and photocopiers, steels, semiconductors, and other pharmaceutical-grade preparations.

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